Organizations in The City

11 Aug 2015 00:00

1. The Republic of Information Technology 

Simple community consisting of children "Ti6 class in one of the new campus in the area bojonegoro. Reasons for establishing communities of this class is to unite all members (especially boys Ti6) to become one family who can help each other, share knowledge, share experiences, etc. 

2. KIM Janggleng 

KIM Janggleng is a community information portal Ngambon | Toward Information-Based Self-Reliance and Public Information TeknologiPortal Ngambon Toward Independence-Based Information and Technology For Rural Advancement Ngambon and Regional District of Ngambon Around and Exposing Potential Area Ngambon | "For the Young Working Village Beloved" 

3. Youth "Son of Hope" Village Margoagung 

creative container village youth margoagung 

4. Volunteer ICT Bojonegoro 

Volunteers are Bojonegoro ICT: Social Organization of community is non-profit, independent, philantrophis, independently basing on developing knowledge, skills / knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology for the members as well as members of the community, as a social institution (NGO ), these activities initiated since December 9, 2008 in Jakarta and established management housed in Bojonegoro Regency Hall Malowopati. Bojonegoro on October 18, 2013.