City Communities

12 Aug 2015 00:00

1. Samin Community 

Samin community is a community of people who are still firmly uphold the teachings Samin Surosentiko, namely simplicity, openness, keiklasan and always maintain the balance of nature. Communities are often the object of research. 

Stay in groups, in Hamlet Japan Margomulyo Village District of Margomulyo approximately 60 km to the southwest of the city of Bojonegoro. 

2. Bojonegoro Blogger Community 

Blogging is a great way to build our image in the eyes of Bojonegoro, Indonesia. Because we love Bojonegoro, do not want our city tenggalam in virulence development of information and communication technology flows. In addition, this community becomes its own way to strengthen kinship between bloggers in bojonegoro or with external bloggers who had lived in Bojonegoro is currently residing elsewhere. This effort has been and will we stimulate, build a community of bloggers on Earth Angkling Dharmo a small town that began with the widely Cepu Block issue since 2001, the city became known by Ledre pocket. Hoping this community and received a positive response in the community from the grassroots to the upper classes, both private and government and community-kumnitas who have previously lived in Bojonegoro.