Tempat - Tempat Wisata

13 Jan 2021 13:32

Agro  Belimbing Ngringinrejo

Lokasi wisata Agro Belimbing Ngringinrejo berada di sebelah barat Kota Bojonegoro Km.15, memiliki daya tarik wisata di kebun belimbingnya ini cukup menyenangkan, pengunjung akan dimanjakan panorama alam pedesaan, ada warung makan ala deso, ada penjual belimbing disepanjang jalan menuju kebun belimbing, pengunjung bisa berteduh di gasebo yang sejuk karena disekelilingnya merupakan tanaman belimbing yang sudah berumur 25 tahun, tentu didalam kebun belimbing pengunjung bisa memetik buah belimbing dan dimakan secara langsung, jalanan didalam juga sudah dipaving.

Jika pengunjung belum puas, maka bisa melakukan kunjungan di lokasi bendung gerak dengan 7 pintunya, sambil melihat panorama sungai bengawan solo.

Dams Motion 

Motion dam located in the District Trucuk, Bojonegoro, East Java. Dam, which cost Rp 351 billion loan from the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) that are multifunctional. Partly as flood control, irrigation, water supply for industrial raw and households also proclaimed as one of the sights of Bojonegoro. The existence of this motion Dams in addition to its function as a water supply for domestic, agricultural, also while keeping damage to the ecosystem of the river so as not to extend Bengawaan Solo when the flood hit, and as a form of governance of water in East Java. Another benefit of this dam is to supply water for agriculture in the dry season, to the needs of the industry, such as the bridge between the village of Padang village Ngringinrejo Kalitidu Subdistrict. For agriculture, the dam is able to meet the need of irrigation for agricultural land area of ​​6400-9000 acres spread over eight districts. Namely Trucuk, Kalitidu, Purwosari, Malo, Couple, Kasiman, Ngraho, and Margomulyo. Also agriculture in Blora. Because the dam has a catchment along the 50 miles it is able to accommodate the flow of water up to 13 million cubic with water discharge of 5,850 liters per second. With the construction of this dam farmers in the Bengawan Solo river banks, especially in the upper part of the upstream dam will mempu increase agricultural productivity. Previous farmers can only plant two times a year, is now expected to grow to three times within a year of planting. It used to be about 21 thousand hectares of rice farms in the West Bojonegoro rely on rain-fed agriculture. After pumping, the region was not able to do two harvests a year. Then irrigated with pump water to be 6000 thousand hectares. With the dam of this motion 11 thousand hectares of rice fields will be planted twice a year. And produce an average of 7 tonnes per hectare. Construction of this dam has been planned since the Dutch colonial era. However, since that time the colonial government went bankrupt, the construction of this dam was canceled. This motion weir provides many benefits to society Bojonegoro. In addition to the basic needs of irrigation can also serve the needs of the drinking water industry and the oil and gas industry. As well as open access to the area that had been isolated because there is a bridge 504 meters long and about 4 feet wide. The dam stands on an area of ​​1,841,752 meters. 


Pacal reservoir 

Attractions: Pacal reservoir is located approximately 35 km from the south of the capital Bojonegoro Timur.adalah Java is a natural attractions and to get to these attractions can be reached by private vehicle (car / motorcycle) or by public transport (colt or bus ) majors Bojonegoro-Nganjuk then down alongside three reservoirs pascal and to the location of the reservoir by walking a distance of 2 Km. Pacal reservoir which has an area of ​​approximately 3.878 square kilometers with a depth of 25 meters, a building irrigation facilities relic of the Dutch, which was built in 1933 with multifunctional benefits. Tourist attraction is the grandeur and the robustness of the Dutch era heritage building in 1933 and the expanse of water that is abundant with natural scenery and stunning teak forests. Tourism agenda Pacal reservoir is carried out routinely on each October in conjunction with the anniversary of Bojonegoro held rituals and Jamasan Waranggono Sengkolo float to the assertion Graduation tayub Waranggono Tayub. Facilities available at tourist sites is the rest house (place of stay), arenas fishing, paddle boats, a snack and convenience. Development of reservoir pascal tour aimed at developing transport facilities, accommodation, adequate telecommunications facilities as well as increased wisata.Wisata object Indonesia Paradise 


Tourism Tirtawana Dender 

Tourism Attractions Tirtawana Dender is a property located in the district dander, 11 Km from Bojonegoro city tour Timur.Tempat Java has advantages due to its natural geographical cool. This bath water take from natural water sources are very clean and clear so as to further increase the robustness when we bathe in this pool. The support facilities include: The changing room Tires / float Stairs with a diving board Children's toys Shelter / shade Shops Meeting Place Golf Course Golf Course is located west of Park Wanawisata Dander which has the potential of ± 9 holes and is expected to continue develop. While the facilities provided include a rest area that is used as the center of the sport of golf. 


Kayangan Api 

Kayangan Api is a fire source such unflagging located in protected forest areas in the Village District of Ngasem Sendangharjo, Bojonegoro, East Java. a village that has a forest area of about 42.29% of the village. According to the story, Kayangan Api is the abode of Mbah Kriyo Supa Kusumo or professor, or better known as Mbah Pandhe derived from the Majapahit kingdom. In the west there are sources of ignition mud puddle that smelled of sulfur, and according to the current belief that Mbah Kriyo Kusumo still active as a maker of farm tools and heirloom such as daggers, spears, cundrik and others. Source of Fire, by surrounding communities there are considered sacred and according to the story, the fire should only be taken if there is an important ceremony as it has done in the past, such as the ceremony Jumenengan Ngarsodalem lane X and to take the flame through a precondition of salvation / wilujengan and tayuban using fending eling-eling, wani-wani and Gunungsari which is a favorite musical Mbah Kriyo Kusumo. Therefore, when the musical dialunkan and danced by waranggono should not be accompanied by anyone. Of the various sources of the story, then Kayangan Api that letakya about 25 km from the capital city of Bojonegoro serve as natural attractions and to be a place for important ceremonies namely Anniversary Bojonegoro, ruwatan mass and Graduation Waranggono. These attractions have been addressed by a variety of facilities such as hall, a snack, a connecting road to the location and other facilities. The location is very good for the celestial fire activity as the wild tourist sites (outbound). And on certain days, especially on Friday Pahing many people arrive at the site for a specific purpose such that good business, can mate, got the position and some even want to get heirloom. The event is traditionally held society Nyadranan (clean village) as the embodiment of gratitude to the Almighty. Development of Kayangan Api nature directed at improving the infrastructure and means of transport, telecommunications and adequate accommodation. Visits to object wisata.Wisata Indonesia Paradise